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04 September 2018
USKO Syllabus
16 May 2018
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Category:Training Courses
Event:Cardiff Winter Course.
Location:Eastern Leisure Centre,
Llanrumney Ave,
Cardiff CF3 4DN
Price:£30.00 / Person
Date: Saturday, 9 November, 2019
Event Time:12:45 - 17:45
Further Information:

This course is open to USKO students of purple belt & above. Students that have reached the required standard may take their next grade on the course.

11:45-12:45. Sport Black belts & above who are grading (grading begins and will finish during the course proper).

12:45- 17:45. Remaing Sport Black belts & above (who are not grading) & all other purple belts and above (whether grading or not).

A kata competition will be held during the course with medals being awarded to the winners on the day.

Those students successfully passing Dan grades will be presented with their results at the end of the course.

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04 September 2018
USKO Syllabus
16 May 2018
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