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24 February 2020
USKO Syllabus
16 May 2018
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Category:Mini Course & Grading
Event:Chepstow Mini Course & Grading
Location:Chepstow Leisure Centre (comp. school),
Welsh Street
NP16 5LR
Price:£5.50 / Person
Date: Friday, 13 March, 2020
Event Time:18:00 - 20:00
Further Information:

2 hour mini course and grading when students that have reached the required standard may take their next grading up to and including purple belt. The idea behind the mini course is to save students having to attend courses on weekends (at least until they are purple belts) and to make it easier for them to do the extra training required to raise the standard in the organisation. The mini course will cost £5.50 extra and the grading fee will be the usual depending on the belt taken. Only those students doing the extra hour will be allowed to grade.

Jackets must be worn, no t-shirts. Pads and mits are required for yellow belt and above.

Other mini course/grading dates for Chepstow are :- 12/06/20, 11/09/20, 11/12/20

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24 February 2020
USKO Syllabus
16 May 2018
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